2-204 Types & Terms of Employment

Secs. 2-204.01 Basis of Employment
Employees are employed by the City as either regular full-time, regular part-time, probationary or temporary employees.
Secs. 2-204.02 Participation in Benefits
Regular full-time employees shall receive full fringe benefits. Other classifications of employees do not receive any fringe benefit other than their wage, unless required by law or otherwise specifically provided in the PAP.
Secs. 2-204.03 Term of Employment
  • (a) Regular full-time and regular part-time employees are employed at the will and pleasure of the City and shall be entitled to have their grievances resolved under Sections 2-212 and 2-213 of the PAP.
  • (b) All other employees serve at the will and pleasure of the City Manager and may be disciplined or dismissed for any reason or no reason, subject only to applicable law. Such employees shall not have access to the grievance procedure set forth in these PAP or any applicable collective bargaining agreement. All decisions concerning their retention, wages, hours, and working conditions shall be made by the City Manager, or his designee. 
Secs. 2-204.04 New Hires/Probation
  • (a) A new employee may be hired as full-time, part-time or temporary as recommended by the Department Head and approved by the City Manager.
  • (b) New employee compensation will start at the beginning of the pay grade unless otherwise approved by the City Manager.
  • (c) Full-time and part-time employees shall be classified as regular full-time or regular part-time employees after successful completion of their employment for six (6) continuous calendar months. The requirement for completion of six (6) months may be reduced to completion of less than six (6) months when it is determined by the city manager that the employee has demonstrated exceptional performance documented by the completion of a performance evaluation.