2-220 Court/Witness/Jury Duty Leave

Secs. 2-220.01 Court/Witness/Jury Duty
Employees who appear as witnesses on behalf of the City in any judicial or administrative proceeding or who are directed by the City to testify in any proceeding shall have all such time treated as compensable work time.
Secs. 2-220.02 Other Court-Related Leave
Those employees who become plaintiffs or defendants in personal litigation or who testify or appear on behalf of parties and other persons except the City are not eligible for leave with pay, but may use accumulated vacation leave subject to the conditions set forth in Section 2-216. 
Secs. 2-220.03 Jury Leave
The City shall make up the difference between the employee's pay for his normal schedule provided the employee:
  • Advises his Department Head no later than three (3) working days before he is to report for jury duty or when he is first advised, whichever first occurs.
  • Returns to duty each day he is released from jury duty when two (2) or more hours remain on his scheduled work day or shift unless he gets permission from his Department Head not to return.
  • Endorses his check for jury pay over to the City.
Secs. 2-220.04 Return to Work
Employees who attend court on any other legal proceeding for only a portion of a regularly scheduled work day are expected to report to their supervisor when excused or released.