2-221 Other Leave Policies

Secs. 2-221.01 General Leave Without Pay
Except as required by applicable law, the decision to grant leave without pay (leave of absence) is a matter of administrative discretion. It shall be the responsibility of each Department Head to weigh each case on its own merits and not to provide such leave under circumstances that adversely affect City operations.
Secs. 2-221.02 Extension
Employees on leave shall report for duty at the end of the leave unless they have obtained a written extension from their Department Head or have been notified not to return.
Secs. 2-221.03 Return to Work
An employee who is on approved non-medical or non-FMLA leave without pay for less than ten (10) working days shall be returned to his former position. When the leave is more than ten (10) but less than sixty (60) working days, the employee shall be returned to his former position or another position for which, in the opinion of the Department Head, he is qualified to perform all of the duties if one is vacant, otherwise he shall be laid off.
Secs. 2-221.04 Other Employment
Employees on leave without pay of any kind, including unpaid medical leave, shall not accept employment elsewhere. 
Secs. 2-221.05 Accrual of Sick and Vacation Leave
No pay or benefits such as paid sick leave, holiday, funeral leave and vacation leave will be earned while on any unpaid leave, including non-medical leave of more than thirty (30) working days.
Secs. 2-221.06 Conference Leave
When deemed in the best interest of the City, an employee may be granted leave with pay to attend professional and technical institutes, conferences, or other such meetings which may contribute to the effectiveness of the employee's service to the City. Requests for said leave shall be made to the Department Head and must be approved by the City Manager. All such leave and travel expenses will be subject to the approval of the Department Head in accordance with the City Travel Procedure Manual. Copies of said Manual are available from the City Clerk.
Secs. 2-221.07 Administrative Leave
Administrative and supervisory personnel who do not earn or accrue overtime may be granted reasonable time off without loss of pay, to conduct personal business which cannot be conducted during off-duty time.
Secs. 2-221.08 Effect of Leaves on Insurance Coverage
  • (a) Compensable Leave: The City shall continue the employee's group life and hospitalization insurance during compensable leave of absence provided the employee pays his share of the premium.
  • (b) Workers' Compensation: The City shall continue the employee's group life and hospitalization insurance during a leave of absence due to a valid Workers' Compensation injury or illness, provided the employee pays his share of the premium. If the employee's claim is later determined by law to be invalid, the employee shall reimburse the City for all premiums paid in his behalf during the injury. Failure to repay the City such premium upon demand or under terms agreeable to the City will result in termination of employment, and loss of accumulated sick and vacation leave to the extent necessary to cover the reimbursement. To the extent not fully reimbursed, the City may collect the premiums by any means allowed by law.
  • (c) Other Non-Compensable Leave: Subject to the Family Medical Leave Act and subparagraph (a) above, if an employee is on an unpaid leave of any type, including medical leave covered by Section 217.06(d), he shall be responsible to pay the premium for group life and hospitalization insurance beginning the month after the month in which the leave began. The employee shall be entitled to continue coverage for the period of the leave provided he pays the premiums subject to any restrictions imposed by the insurance carrier.
Secs. 2-221.09 Military Leave
  • (a) The City shall provide leave for military service, return from military service and accrual of benefits and seniority during military service in accordance with applicable law.
  • (b) Employees who are ordered to or need time off for military service or duty, should advise HR as soon as they become aware of their need so appropriate arrangements can be made.