Landside Facilities
The present General Aviation area on the airport encompasses approximately 15 acres and is located in the northeast quadrant between the approach ends of Runways 17 and 24. T-hangars are located on the northeast portion of the airport east of Runway 17.

Airside Facilities
The airside facilities at Lake Wales Municipal Airport include the following:
  • Two 4,000 by 100-foot paved runways oriented to the northeast and southwest (06-24), and north northwest and south southeast (17-35)
  • A full length parallel taxiway for Runway 6-24 labeled A and D, with a short access system for Runway 17-35 labeled C and B, located at mid-field for access to the General Aviation / FBO area
  • An 18,000 square yard unpaved base aircraft parking / tie-down area located on the north, south and west sides of the FBO building
  • Two grass tie-down parking areas to accommodate approximately 30 to 35 small General Aviation type aircraft on the northeast quadrant of the field bordering between Runway 06 and the parallel taxiway A, and on the north quadrant of the field, east of Runway 17
  • Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPIs) located at the approach ends of Runways 06 and 24; currently there is no runway lighting for Runway 06-24
  • Medium Intensity Taxiway Lights (MITLs)
  • 24-inch rotating beacon providing airport identification from the air up to distances no greater than 4 nautical miles from the airport
  • Above-ground fuel farm with 1 10,000 gallon jet fuel tank and 1 10,000 gallon AVGAS tank providing 24-hours per day service