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Rules of Conduct

1. Visiting hours.

The cemeteries shall be open for visitation purposes between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. daily. Any person entering the cemeteries between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. without the prior approval of the city shall be deemed to be trespassing and subject to the penalty provided in section 1-15 of the city code.

2. Use of roadways and entrances.

  1. No person shall use the roadways of the cemeteries as public thoroughfares for passage through the cemetery or for any other purpose, other than for attendance at funerals, memorial occasions, visits to graves or cemetery lots, or other similar uses and purposes, including official business.

  2. No person shall climb over, go through or go over any wall, fence or hedge in the cemetery, trespass in any manner upon cemetery property, or enter or leave the cemetery at any place other than at regularly established gateways or entrances and at such times as are established by the city for visitation.

3. Pedestrians.

  1. Persons walking within the cemetery shall use only the avenues, roads, walks and alleys and no one shall be permitted to walk upon or across lots or lawns unless it is necessary to do so to gain access to one's own lot. The city shall not be liable for any injury sustained by anyone violating this rule.

  2. Persons visiting the cemetery or attending a funeral are strictly prohibited from writing upon, defacing or injuring any memorial, fence or other structure within the cemetery.

  3. Persons visiting the cemetery or attending a funeral are strictly prohibited from gathering flowers, either wild or cultivated, breaking or injuring any tree, shrub or plant, or feeding or disturbing the birds, fish or other animal life within the cemetery.

4. Vehicles.

  1. Admission. Admission of vehicles upon cemetery roads shall be permitted as a privilege and not as a right inherent to the ownership of interment rights in a burial space. Admission of vehicles is restricted to persons who observe the traffic rules of the city.

  2. Entrance. No vehicle shall enter a cemetery except through a regular entrance maintained for such purpose.

  3. Driving on lots and lawns. No person shall drive a vehicle over cemetery lots or upon cemetery lawns under any circumstances whatsoever.

  4. Parking. No person shall park any vehicle so as to obstruct any cemetery driveway, and no person shall drive or park any vehicle on any burial space. Parked vehicles must not be left with the engine running, and the emergency brake must be set when the driver is not in the vehicle.

  5. Speed. No person shall drive a vehicle at a speed in excess of ten (10) miles per hour.

  6. U-turns. No person shall make a U-turn on any road or driveway within the cemetery.

  7. Horns, sirens, etc. The sounding of horns, sirens or similar signals within the cemeteries is prohibited.

  8. Funeral processions. Drivers of vehicles in a funeral procession shall obey all traffic rules. When a vehicle meets a funeral procession, the driver must stop until the procession passes. A driver must not pass a funeral procession going in the same direction.

  9. Pedestrian safety. Visitors upon foot have the primary right to use of the road, and all drivers of vehicles are required to observe pedestrian rights by careful driving and strict adherence to the rules.

5. Miscellaneous rules of conduct.

  1. Children. Children under fifteen (15) years of age shall not be permitted within the cemetery or its buildings unless accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for their conduct. Children, when accompanied by an adult, shall not play upon cemetery lots or lawns.

  2. Dogs, etc. Dogs and other domestic animals shall not be allowed on cemetery grounds or in cemetery buildings.

  3. Bicycles and motorcycles. No bicycle or motorcycle shall be admitted to a cemetery except such as may be in attendance at a funeral or on official business.

  4. Loitering. No person shall be permitted to sit, lie, or lounge on the grass, shrubbery, grounds, graves or monuments or in the buildings.

  5. Disturbing funerals. No loud talking shall be permitted within hearing distance of funeral services.

  6. Peddling or soliciting. Peddling of flowers or plants or soliciting the sale of any commodity is prohibited within the boundaries of the cemeteries.

  7. Littering. The throwing of trash or litter on the drives, paths, lawns, lots or any other part of the cemetery grounds is prohibited.

  8. Food and beverages. No food or beverages shall be permitted in the cemetery.

  9. Signs and advertisements. No signs, notices or advertisements of any kind shall be allowed in the cemetery unless placed by the city.

  10. Firearms. No firearms shall be permitted in the cemetery except for ceremonial purposes by a military escort accompanying the funeral of a veteran or a law enforcement officer or attending memorial services.

6. City employees.

Employees assigned to perform work at a city cemetery shall not perform any work for lot owners, funeral directors, monument companies, vault companies, etc. except at the direction of the cemetery manager. No city employee shall solicit or accept any fee, tip, gratuity, commission or other compensation for work performed at a city cemetery from any person, firm or corporation except the City.

7. Vandalism or injury to cemeteries.

  1. In accordance with 872.02, Florida Statutes, any person who willfully and knowingly destroys, mutilates, defaces, injures or removes any tomb, monument, marker, gravestone or other item intended for the protection, identification or ornamentation of any tomb, monument or gravestone or willfully destroys, mutilates, removes, cuts, breaks or injures any tree, shrub, or plant placed or being within the boundaries of the cemeteries is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in 775.082 or 775.083, Florida Statutes. However, if the damage to such property is greater than $100 or if any property removed is greater in value than $100, then he is guilty of a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in 775.082, 775.083, or 775.084, Florida Statutes.

  2. Any person who willfully and knowingly disturbs the contents of a tomb or grave is guilty of a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in 775.082, 775.083, or 775.084, Florida Statutes.

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