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Citizen Boards, Commissions & Committees


The following regulations apply to all persons appointed to City boards, commissions and committees (in the text below, the term "boards" applies to "boards, commissions and committees"):

  • Members must be legally registered to vote.
  • No one may serve more than three consecutive terms on a single board except when:
    • appointed to a partial term that is less than 1/2 of the normal term for that board
    • the city manager waives the requirement for members of regulatory boards where special circumstances warrant extending the appointment
    • when serving on a pension board
  • No one may serve on more than two boards at the same time, except that:
    • no one may serve on more than one pension board
    • no one serving on a regulatory board may serve on any other board
  • No member of the immediate family of a city commissioner may serve on a city board.
  • No member of the immediate family of a municipal officer (city manager, city clerk or department head) may serve on a board which relates to the area of responsibility of that municipal officer.
  • A member who is absent from three consecutive meetings will automatically be dismissd from the board unless the other board members have excused the absence by a motion duly passed and recorded in the official minutes.
  • No board member who is present at a meeting may abstain from voting in regard to any official decision, ruling or other act taken by the membership unless that member is prohibited from voting on a measure which will financially benefit him or his employer. In such cases of voting conflict, the member must file a Memorandum of Voting Conflict (Form 8b) and publicly state the nature of his interest prior to the vote.
  • A board member must file a Statement of Financial Interests for every year in which he serves on a board unless the Florida Commission on Ethics has determined that the board is solely advisory in nature.
  • A member retiring from a board must provide written notice to the City Clerk.
  • A member retiring from a board must return copies of city codes and other official materials to the city clerk.


All persons appointed to serve on city boards, commissions and committees must comply with general regulations listed above. In addition, persons appointed by city commissioners must comply with the residency requirements listed below:

  • Members must reside in the city.
    • Airport Authority (at least 4 members must reside in the city)
    • Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee (at least 5 regular members and 2 alternate members must reside in the city)
    • Board of Zoning Adjustments and Appeals
    • Code Enforcement Board
    • Depot Commission (at least 6 members must reside in the city)
    • Enterprise Zone Board of Commissioners (at least 6 commissioners must reside in the city)
    • Lakes Advisory Commission (at least 6 members must reside in the city)
    • Parks & Community Appearance Advisory Board (at least 5 members must reside in the city)
    • Recreation Commission (at least 5 regular members and 3 alternate members must reside in the city)
    • Retirement Boards - Police & Firefighter
  • Members must reside in the city, own property in the city or hold a current business tax receipt issued by the city.
    • Christmas Decoration Committee
    • Historic Preservation Board (in addition, at least 4 members must reside in the city)
    • Housing Authority (in addition, 1 member must reside in a housing project or receive a subsidy through a program administered by the Authority)
    • Investment Committee
    • Library Board (at least 4 members must meet these criteria; 1 member may be a resident of the unincorporated Greater Lake Wales area)
    • Planning & Zoning Board
    • Retirement Board - General Employees
  • Members must reside within the geographic area served.
    • Airport Authority (no more than 3 members may reside outside the city)
    • Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee (no more than 2 regular members and 1 alternate member may reside outside the city)
    • Depot Commission (no more than 4 members may reside outside the city)
    • Enterprise Zone Board of Commissioners (no more than 2 commissioners may reside outside the city)
    • Historic Preservation Board (no more than 4 members may reside outside the city, but they must own property in the city or hold a current business tax receipt issued by the city)
    • Lakes Advisory Commission (no more than 1 member may reside outside the city)
    • Library Board (no more than 1 member may reside outside the city and must have a Lake Wales mailing address)
    • Recreation Commission (no more than 2 regular members and 2 alternate members may reside outside the city)


The opportunity for appointment to city boards, commissions and committees occurs from time to time as resignations take place and annually as regular terms expire. Details on regular terms of office are provided on this page for each board, commission and committee. Members who seek reappointment are also required to submit new applications. Notices are published in the local newspapers when applications are sought for expiring terms or other vacancies.

Applications for appointment may be obtained at any time during the year on the city's web site, by contacting the City Clerk's Office at 678-4182 ext. 228 or by inquiring in the City Clerk's Office in the Municipal Administration Building. Completed applications should be forwarded to the City Clerk.

All applicants seeking appointment to a regulatory board such as Planning & Zoning Board, Board of Appeals, Code Enforcement Board and the like, must be interviewed by the board chairman and the head of the relevant department to ensure that the applicants understand the duties and responsibilities of the board, are capable of performing such duties and responsibilities and are willing to fulfill the requirements of serving on the board.

Applications are forwarded to the City Commission for review and consideration as terms expire or other vacancies occur. The City Manager may delay the forwarding of applications to the City Commission until there are a sufficient number of applicants to fill all vacant positions on a particular board, commission or committee.

Appointments are made during the course of a regularly scheduled Commission meeting. Appointees are notified in writing by the City Clerk within a week of appointment. Applications of persons not appointed to a board, commission or committee are kept on file for 6 months for consideration if a vacancy occurs at a later date.


Specific city departments or employees are designated as supporting staff for boards, commissions and committees. Supporting staff will provide appointees with copies of city codes or other necessary materials. Prior to the first official meeting of the new appointee's term, supporting staff will arrange an appointment to discuss the duties and responsibilities of board members and to answer any questions which the new appointee might have.


All citizen boards, commissions and committees meet in the Municipal Administration Building at 201 W. Central Ave. with the following exceptions:
  • Library Board - meets at the Library, 290 Cypress Gardens Lane
  • Depot Commission - meets at the Depot Museum, 325 S. Scenic Hwy.
  • Housing Authority - meets at the Housing Authority, 10 W. Sessoms Ave.


Board Primary Duties Term Meeting Date & Time
Airport Authority Promote, encourage and support the continued development of the Lake Wales Airport; provide advice as needed on matters related to aviation. 3 years 1st Monday
5:30 pm
Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Commission Make recommendations regarding implementation of roadway and transportation improvements as pertaining to bicycle and pedestrian needs; promote safe and convenient enjoyment of bicycle/pedestrian facilities through safety and educational programs and activities. 3 years 1st Thursday
5:30 pm
Board of Appeals Hear and decide appeals of administrative decisions in regards to enforcing land use regulations or building codes; hear and decide appeals where the planning board has denied a special exception use permit or site plan approval; authorize variances from the zoning regulations where special conditions exist. 3 years 3rd Thursday
9:00 am
Code Enforcement Board Impose administrative fines and other noncriminal penalties to enforce city health & sanitation, occupational licensing, fire, building, zoning and sign ordinances when it finds that a pending or repeated violation continues to exist. 3 years 2nd Monday
5:00 pm
Community Relations Committee This committee will provide a forum for citizens and the police department to discuss issues of concern and to engage in a dialogue that will foster mutual trust and respect. 2 years 3rd Thursday
6:00 pm
Depot Advisory Commission Advise the Depot Executive Director in long range planning and coordination of the Lake Wales Museum and Cultural Center. 3 years Last Monday
12:30 pm
Historic Preservation Board Make recommendations on applications for nomination to National Register of Historic Places; conduct survey and inventory of historic buildings, areas and sites in the city; make recommendations to city commission on potential landmark sites in the city 3 years called at least 4 times per year
Historic District Regulatory Board Hear and decide applications for Certificates of Appropriateness (CA) for work proposed on buildings or sites with an historic district; adopt guidelines for review and issuance of CA; make recommendations to city commission on matters relating to establishment and regulation of historic districts; make recommendations to planning board and city commission on matters relating to historic preservation and on matters regarding special permits for properties within an historic district when special permit involves issuance of a CA. 3 years 3rd Thursday
5:30 pm
Housing Authority Manage and control the city's low-rent housing units 4 years 3rd Wednesday
6:30 pm
Investment Committee Formulate alternative investment strategies and short-range directions for monitoring performance and structure of city's investment portfolio within established policies; formulate and recommend changes, if necessary, to city's investment policies. 4 years called at least 4 times per year
Lakes Advisory Commission Advise the City Commission on matters involving the restoration, preservation or maintenance of city lakes 3 years called at least 4 times per year;
held on 2nd Wednesday
5:30 pm
Library Board Operate the public library; control expenditures of all monies collected or donated to the library fund; appoint the library staff and establish rules and regulations for operation and use of the library subject to the supervision and control of the City Commission. 5 years 1st Thursday
11:00 am
Drug &
Conducts public hearings with evidence and testimony on drug and prostitution-related complaints to determine if a public nuisance exists; may prohibit by order or seek an injuction against the continued operation or maintenance of a business or activity when a public nuisance has been found to exist 3 years called
Parks & Community Appearance Board In coordination with the Planning Board and other city boards and committees and civic groups, prepare plans and make recommendations to the City Manager and City Commission regarding the Lake Wailes park system, neighborhood park systems, community parks, streets and city entrances, and maintenance programs 3 years 4th Monday
5:30 pm
Planning & Zoning Board Serve as the Local Planning Agency; hear and decide on applications for special exception use permits and site plans; make recommendations on zoning amendment petitions, proposed subivision of land, amendment of land use regulations and the city's Comprehensive Plan. 3 years 4th Tuesday
5:00 pm
Recreation Commission Assist City in public relations relating to recreational events; assist in coordinating with school, service, church and civic organizations for the purpose of planning and promoting various city-sponsored recreational programs and events 3 years 3rd Monday
12:00 pm
Retirement Boards of Trustees Authorize expenditures of police, firefighter, or general employee pension plan funds; invest and reinvest assets of the pension trust funds 4 years called
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