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internet access
                            ACCESS AT THE LAKE WALES PUBLIC LIBRARY 1.
                            Use of the Internet computers is on a first
                            come, first served basis. The time is
                            limited to 30 minutes per person, per day,
                            (not to exceed a total of 3 hours,
                            consecutive or otherwise, daily). If no one
                            is waiting, you may continue for more than
                            the 30 minute period, but you must make the
                            computer available to others after the 30
                            minute period when asked to do so by library
                            staff. Failure to do so will result in loss
                            of privileges. 2. The Internet computer
                            equipment and software must be used as
                            installed. Users are not permitted to
                            delete, add or modify the installed hardware
                            or software. The computer operator is liable
                            for any damage done to the Internet
                            workstation's hardware OR software, and for
                            any illegal or unethical acts performed
                            through our system. This is not limited to
                            physical damage or vandalism. All electronic
                            files on the hard drive are deemed to be the
                            property of the Lake Wales Public Library.
                            Tampering with local or remote computer
                            files and/or committing legal or ethical
                            violations of acceptable Internet use will
                            result in loss of Internet privileges at the
                            library and possible prosecution. 3.
                            Non-Polk County residents may use the Lake
                            Wales Public Library’s Public Access
                            computers on a fee basis. A non-resident
                            guess pass will be issued for $1. The guest
                            pass provides access for 3 days, at which
                            time the security code expires. It is the
                            responsibility of the guest to keep their
                            security code in their possession. If the
                            guest pass is lost or stolen another will be
                            issued for an additional $1 charge. All
                            guidelines, rules and policies apply to
                            non-resident computer users. This policy
                            applies to anyone who wishes to use the Lake
                            Wales Public Library’s public access
                            computers and cannot prove Polk County

                            DUE TO NEW FEDERAL LAWS REGARDING THE
                            CHILDREN’S INTERNET PROTECTION ACT, THE
                            FOLLOWING GUIDELINES MUST BE ENFORCED: • The
                            viewing of obscenity and pornography is
                            prohibited by Florida Statute 847. Parents
                            signing Parental Permission Agreements are
                            acknowledging their understanding of the law
                            and their responsibility for the actions of
                            their minor child. Users of any age will be
                            permanently banned from the Lake Wales
                            Public Library’s Internet stations after one
                            (1) instance of viewing applicable
                            materials. • Chat Rooms, chat channels,
                            instant messenger of any form of live talk
                            on the library’s public access Internet
                            stations is prohibited. The safety of minors
                            can be at risk. • The unauthorized
                            disclosure, use and dissemination of
                            personal identification information is
                            prohibited by minors under the age of
                            eighteen. The Lake Wales Public Library
                            prohibits minors from disclosing their legal
                            name, age, date of birth, home address,
                            alternate address, telephone numbers
                            (including cellular phone numbers), legal
                            names of parents, guardian or other family
                            members or any other personal information.
                            All public access computers are monitored
                            for viewing content.

Computer Rules • Please be quiet
                          and considerate of those around you. • No more
                          than two people per computer. • No one under
                          eighteen may use a computer without a signed
                          permission slip. • No cell phone use in
                          computer area. • Intentional viewing of
                          pornography or other adult content is
                          prohibited. You will be trespassed from the
                          library by the Lake Wales Police Department if
                          pornography/adult content is viewed on library
Familiarity with Computers We are
                          pleased to be able to offer computer usage for
                          our patrons. However, familiarity with these
                          programs is presumed. Staff members are
                          available to offer limited assistance.

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                            view a complete list of policies.

Lake Wales Library is a member of The
                              Polk County Library Cooperative.

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