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Children's Weekly Programs

Wiggles & Giggles -
                                    Wiggles and Giggles was created for
                                    walkers through age four and their
                                    caregivers. Each session is a fun
                                    introduction to books, finger plays,
                                    action songs, and rhymes. Wiggles
                                    and Giggles is offered Tuesdays at
                                    11:00 a.m.

Library Babies - This
                                    program is for pre-walking infants
                                    and their parent or caregiver. Each
                                    session provides adult-child
                                    interaction, simple stories, songs,
                                    action rhymes, and more. Come and
                                    share lullabies and stories Tuesdays
                                    at 11:30 a.m.

Crafts – Crafts all day in the
                                    children’s room, Mondays.

Chess - Sharpen your
                                    chess skill or just learn the
                                    basics. Get your brain in gear with
                                    Coach Leland Fenner. Tuesday
                                    afternoons at 1:00 p.m. and Saturday
                                    mornings at 11:30 a.m.

Treasure Chest - Our
                                    treasure chest is filled to the brim
                                    with toys for our younger readers.
                                    This special reading incentive is
                                    for children kindergarten age and
                                    younger. When children are caught
                                    reading a book to an adult in the
                                    library OR when an adult helps a
                                    child read a beginning book while in
                                    the library, the child is invited to
                                    pick a surprise from the treasure

Excellence in Reading -
                                    Excellence in Reading is for
                                    students in grades 1-4. Students
                                    choose from a list of designated
                                    titles, read the selected book and
                                    take a test on the content. Prizes
                                    are awarded as tests are
                                    successfully completed. Students
                                    reading 35 titles receive a
                                    personalized trophy and a hardcover
                                    book of their choice.

Reading Patch Club -
                                      In the Reading Patch Club students
                                      in grades 5-8 are encouraged to
                                      read five titles from different
                                      genres, from adventure, to
                                      mystery, to sports and more. After
                                      completing five books in a genre,
                                      the students receive a specially
                                      designed patch. Students reading
                                      35 titles receive a personalized
                                      trophy and a hardcover book of
                                      their choice.

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Children’s Room Rules
                                    Children under 5 must be accompanied
                                    by a parent or guardian. Children,
                                    aged 12 and under, must be signed in
                                    by a parent or guardian, aged 16 or
                                    older, before leaving them
                                    unattended in the children’s room.
                                    Children, aged 12 and under, left
                                    unattended in the children’s room
                                    may stay for a total of one hour per
                                    day. Please do not leave the
                                    building while your child is
                                    unattended in the children’s room.

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                            Adult Services

The Lake
                            Wales Public Library’s Teen Room is designed
                            and reserved for the use of teenagers from
                            13 to 18 years of age. It is a comfortable,
                            inviting place created for teens to study,
                            socialize and develop as lifelong library
                            patrons. The use of the facility resources
                            including seating, study areas, and
                            equipment is limited teens. Other library
                            users, younger or older, who wish to
                            retrieve Young Adult materials, will be
                            assisted by library staff.


Teen Monthly Programs

Anime Join us for anime
                                    on the last Thursday of each month
                                    at 4:15 p.m.

Teen Advisory Board
                                    (TAB) The Teen Advisory Board meets
                                    once per month to discuss
                                    improvements to the library/youth
                                    services department, as well as
                                    future programming. Teens are able
                                    to earn one community service hour
                                    for attending a TAB meeting. Join
                                    TAB on the third Thursday of each
                                    month at 4 p.m. It’s a great way to
                                    earn community service hours and
                                    keep our Teen Room, books, and
                                    programs at their best!

Teen Book Club Read a
                                      good book lately or just trying to
                                      find one? We will snack while we
                                      talk about what we’re reading! The
                                      Teen Book Club meets on the first
                                      Thursday of each month at 4:15

Teen Gaming with wii
                                    Love gaming? Then get your game on
                                    in the library! We play the Wii®
                                    and test our skills the second
                                    Friday of each month at 4:15 p.m.
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Lkae Wales Public Library is a member
                              of The Polk County Library Cooperative.

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