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Reading Your Utility Bill

Below is a sample utility bill showing typical water, sewer, and solid waste collection (trash and garbage) charges for a customer of the City of Lake Wales Utility System. The numbers and colored outlines around various areas on the sample bill are keyed to the explanations that follow on this page. although your actual bill will not have these colored outlines, you should be able to match your bill to the sample. If you have any questions about reading your bill, you may contact Utilities Customer Service at 678-4196 during business hours for assistance.

1 Detachable Payment Stub Utility Bill
The top section of the bill located above the perforation contains information that our staff requires to properly credit your payment to your account. If you pay your bill by mail, this portion must be detached and returned with your check.
2 Customer Information
The account number, service address, customer name, and billing address are shown in this area of the bill. It is important that this information is correct in our billing records. If any corrections are necessary, you should call Utilities Customer Service immediately.
(click on image for enlargement)
3 Billing Date and Due Date
This area shows the date your account was billed and the date your payment is due. Payments must be made within 20 days after the bills are mailed to the customer.
4 Previous Month's Account Activity

The total charges billed in the previous month are shown in this area with any payments that you made. If payment of your previous month's bill was received after the date it was due, the penalties (late fees) that were assessed would be shown here as would any adjustments made to your account for such things as a misread meter or other error in your billing. Any unpaid balance remaining on your account when it is billed for the current month's charges is shown as the balance forward.

5 Description of Service and Meter Readings
This area tells you which services are being billed, identifies the water meter by number, and shows the date on which the meter was read in the previous month and in the current month. Meter readings for both the previous and current month are also shown here. Current consumption is the difference between the two readings. For information purposes, last year's consumption during the same period is indicated.
6 Current Charges for Service
This area shows the current charges for each type of service provided to the customer. Water and sewer charges are calculated by applying the appropriate rate table to the amount of water consumption during the period billed. If the customer resides inside the city limits, this area of the bill will also include a charge for residential solid waste collection services (trash pickup and recycling); this charge is a flat fee established by contract with the service provider. A 10% public service utility tax is assessed against water charges for customers inside the city limits. A 10% tax is also assessed against water charges for customers outside the city limits and forwarded to the Polk County Tax Collector upon payment by the customer.
7 Total Charges
All charges due on the customer's account are shown in this area. "Total Amount Due" is the sum of all current charges for service and balances forward from the previous bill, if any. The cut-off date for delinquent unpaid charges is also shown here.

Remember that a payment for the previous month's charges received after the due date will necessitate the assessment of a late fee. A payment received after the account was billed in the current month will not be reflected on the current bill at all. In both cases, a balance forward will be indicated on the current bill.

8 Amount Due for Late Payment
The due date is stated again in this area. If the payment is received by Utility Billing staff after the due date, a 1.5% late fee will automatically be assessed against the current month's charges. The amount to pay after the due date is shown in this area and is the total of all current charges, the balance forward from the previous month (if any), and the 1.5% late fee. To avoid a balance forward on the next month's bill, this entire amount must be paid before the account is billed again.
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