Operations Division

The Operations Division is comprised of two Platoons and three School Resource Officers which are led by a Lieutenant. Each Platoon consists of two squads which are directly supervised by Sergeants. The members of the Operations Division work a 12 1/4 hour shift schedule and are assigned to either the day shift or night shift. The day shifts operate from 5:45am until 6:00pm and the night shifts operate from 5:45pm until 6:00am. The shifts rotate every 90 days.
The Operations Division is the largest single division within the agency. Along with daily patrol functions, the primary functions include, but are not limited to: response to calls for service, preventative patrol, crime prevention and suppression, criminal apprehension and prosecution, report writing, court testimony, traffic control, direction and enforcement, crisis intervention and the development of relationships within the community. The Operations Division is responsible of providing 24-hour-a-day police service, every day of the year.
School Resource Officers are assigned to area schools and work hand in hand with staff and teachers to ensure a safe and productive learning environment for our children. School Resource Officers are  responsible for patrolling the immediate school grounds and roadways, developing alternative sanctions for juvenile offenders, conducting gang suppression operations, graffiti abatement, instructing the SAVE Program and providing other youth related services as needed.